Time Management Hacks That Very Successful People Practice Daily

Take-away: there are indeed efficient ways to save time, just give it a try and you’ll be surprised….

Very good article by John Rampton. I would agree with most of the advices here , but I am not too sure about #8: gamification does not really work for me…


How To Get Faster at Doing Things

Take-away: not everything works for everyone, but there are plenty of good ideas out there

A bit of everything for everyone in this article by Dumitriu Robert – not bad to start my series.


“…Things will add up. A minute here. An hour there. You will adjust. 
A good night sleep can lead to a good waking up experience which can lead to a calm mindset which can lead to a good workout which can lead to a good and productive work day which can lead to a good day which can lead to a happy life…”